Artificial Intelligence Platform for Conversational Commerce


Have Conversations People Love

Messaging is the top habit on the smartphone, with three billion global users on the top four messaging apps. Brands need to be present on platforms that are commanding more consumer attention than anything else.
Enabling Brands and Business on Popular Mobile Messaging Apps.
Messaging as a medium for individual consumer engagement.

Leverage chatbots to provide personal, VIP support and experiences on-demand in between your customer’s chats with friends on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WhatsApp and others.

Send rich, detailed, real-time, contextual messages they’ll love.
Nurture relationships across the customer journey.

Powered by machine learning, our engine automates interaction in real-time. Trigger contextual cards and experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Consumer engagement on a whole new level.
Elevate conversations to human agents when necessary.

When sensitive situations arise, conversations are seamlessly handed-off to human agents to ensure the customer experience is never compromised.

Engagement. Relationships. Revenue.

Contextually engage, educate, reward and delight at every touch point along the customer journey.

Centrally Manage Cross-Platform Messaging Programs

Turnkey software allows brands to manage their messaging presence across all of the most popular messaging apps from a single dashboard.
Our analytics capture trending topics and conversation sentiment, and uncover new sales and engagement opportunities to propel messaging as a core channel for unprecedented user engagement, operational efficiency and sales. integrates with popular customer support offerings

Marketing Technology, Reinvented
for the Messaging Age

Explicit and Implicit Intent Models
Intent and Tone Models

Intent models and tone classifications tailor every message to real-time context, and deep learning improves the experience with every interaction.

Interactive Smart Cards.
Interactive Smart Cards

Engage with consumers via text and rich media (video, photo, emoji, stickers, etc.), as well as actionable cards that deep link to mobile apps, mobile wallets, e-commerce and mobile Web.

Messaging-first Analytics
A/B Testing

Test tone, content, rich media and cards to determine what drives engagement and motivates action.

Learn How to Delight and Monetize with AI and Messaging

Conversational Interfaces:
Messaging as the new Browser

Discover how to take advantage of messaging as an interaction channel, the rules to follow when rolling out a messaging feature and how messaging can work across various customer modes.

Leveraging Machine
Learning and Prediction for Conversational Commerce

Understand the impact deep learning can have on your emerging marketing efforts on messaging platforms.

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