Make Every Customer Experience Brilliant

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Conversational AI That Works For Your Customers

Redefine the new standard for customer service
Understand what is said
And what isn’t

Understand what customers are saying to reply accurately and empathetically

Works with your
existing systems

Easily integrate into your existing enterprise systems like CRM, ecommerce and support

Human + AI

The AI collaborates with your customer service team and continuously learns from your agents

See how Aflac trained our AI to offer assistance with benefits enrollment via DuckChat

A complete conversational AI solution for email, chat and social

An end-to-end conversational AI platform that delivers and exceeds the experience your customers expect

Centrally Manage Cross-Platform AI-led Conversations

Turnkey software allows enterprise brands to manage their AIs across web and in-app chat, email, voice, social messaging and SMS / text from a single dashboard.
Our analytics capture trending topics and conversation sentiment, and uncover new sales and engagement opportunities to propel messaging as a core channel for unprecedented user engagement, operational efficiency and sales. integrates with popular customer support offerings

The World’s Best Conversational AI

Acts with human-like intelligence

Responds accurately by understanding customer intent and maintaining a long and short-term memory

Works with your customer service teams

Answers repeatable questions without delay, and loops in human agents when necessary

Learns the way people do

Handles increasingly sophisticated conversations over time by learning through instruction, examples, and experience

Learn how to leverage AI to build
one-to-one relationships

Conversational interfaces:
Messaging as the new Browser

Discover how to take advantage of messaging as an interaction channel.

Leveraging Machine
Learning and Prediction for Conversational Commerce

Learn about the value deep learning can bring to your marketing efforts on messaging platforms.

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