Fake News: AI for Customer Service – Hype vs. Reality

When it comes to automated customer service, there’s a lot of news. We’re doing a fact check to let you know what’s hype and what’s possible today. The evolution of AI is pretty remarkable. Just look at self-driving cars. While […]  

Are KPIs keeping your customer support team down?

How AI-powered automation can deliver on a customer support organization’s most critical KPIs It’s not easy running a customer support group these days. Agents are pulled in a million different directions; forced to jump between various systems to answer a […]  

How to get executive buy in for AI-Powered Customer Service

A quick guide to becoming a champion for Automated Support within your organization. AI is no longer reserved for the companies that are first-to-market; the ones that liberally trial new technologies on a whim with varying degrees of success. No…AI-powered […]