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We are on the mission to make contacting companies a brilliant customer service experience. We’re a workforce multiplier: we empower AI to respond immediately to the over 50% of customer issues that span across the same repeatable issues while enabling human agents to focus on high-impact work. We strive to ensure that every time a customer has an issue, question or need, they have a brilliant experience.

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Investors & advisors


Dick Costolo
Former CEO, Twitter


Demis HassAbIs
Co-founder & CEO, Google DeepMind


Nikesh Arora
CEO, Palo Alto Networks


GokUl Rajaram
Head of Product, Square


Greg Brockman
Co-Founder and CTO, OpenAI


Mustafa Suleyman
Co-founder, Google DeepMind


Paul Buchheit
Creator of Gmail


Chris Wiggins
Professor, Columbia University


Adam Bain
Former COO, Twitter

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