Do SMBs and startups need AI for Customer Support?

Yes. Here’s why companies – regardless of size –  can’t afford to de-prioritize the customer experience.  For the first time ever, brand love is not reserved for the companies that have category dominance, the deepest pockets or the widest distribution […]  

How to write copy for your conversational AI

Best practices for creating a meaningful and engaging automated customer service experience Advertising copy packs a punch. Online self-help wikis and FAQs offer factual explanations. Conversational AI copy is somewhere in between. Creating copy for a customer service AI is […]  

How do you maintain brand safety with conversational AI?

To some, AI seems like the wild, wild west with risk lurking behind every swinging door…It doesn’t have to be.  We’ve seen the headlines. “AI goes rogue!” “AI causes PR nightmare.” “Bot is racist / offensive / rude.” A few […]  

Infographic: The AI Powered Customer Service Organization

How AI works within a customer support function is multi-dimensional. Sometimes, AI Agents automate responses immediately, while other times AI Agents gather information from various systems or the customer before looping in a human agent. We wanted to take a […]