AI for Customer Service: Winning Strategies

Forrester’s Ian Jacobs recently joined’s Founder & CEO, Puneet Mehta, as a featured guest in a webinar where they unveiled how world-class companies can create real-world AI in customer service. No more buzz or hype. It’s all actionable strategies that can be used today […]  

Does my company need AI?

It’s easy to get excited about AI. After-all, it promises to elevate the customer experience by making sure that every time a person reaches out to your company, they have a brilliant customer experience: personal, immediate and convenient support on […]  

Do consumers want AI Agents?

It’s easy to wonder what consumers want and expect out of AI. Are they terrified that AI is taking over the world, as some media reports would have you think? Or are they mystified with Hollywood’s portrayal of AI in […]  

6 Best Customer Service AI Use Cases

AI is transforming customer service, making it more convenient and personal by automating high-quality resolutions on consumers terms and empowering human agents to work smarter. The use cases seem endless, so we’ve pulled together the best opportunities for AI-powered customer […]  

6 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with AI

Customer service today is broken, marred by inefficiency that leaves customers frustrated and support employees disenchanted. Consumers experience long hold times or are an unwitting participant in the virtual game of pinball, getting knocked from one agent to the other […]  

The Turing test holds no value in assessing conversational AI

This originally published in VentureBeat.  AI is becoming the new user interface. From self-driving cars and Amazon’s Alexa to robo-advisors and facial recognition locks, consumers are interacting with AI like never before. And this is just the beginning. For years, AI enthusiasts […]