The Turing test holds no value in assessing conversational AI

This originally published in VentureBeat.  AI is becoming the new user interface. From self-driving cars and Amazon’s Alexa to robo-advisors and facial recognition locks, consumers are interacting with AI like never before. And this is just the beginning. For years, AI enthusiasts […]  

WestJet takes the flying experience up a notch with AI

AI is the interface to meet (and exceed) consumer expectations for innovative, convenient and personal support. In the most sophisticated example of an airline AI, and the first from a Canadian airline, travelers can now engage with Juliet, WestJet’s new AI […]  

Stranger than fiction: Reinventing Retail

Reinventing Retail CX with AI Matt Gunn and Puneet Mehta of, a Silicon Valley startup focused on conversational AI, discuss how deep learning will shape the future of retail as consumers engage with brands (and their AI) to achieve […]  

Would you trust an AI with your wallet?

Trust is having a moment. And for good reason. The backlash Facebook is facing boils down to breaking the trust of consumers in how they protect their data. To rebuild consumer confidence, Facebook is turning to AI to solve their […]