Do SMBs and startups need AI for Customer Support?

Yes. Here’s why companies – regardless of size –  can’t afford to de-prioritize the customer experience.  For the first time ever, brand love is not reserved for the companies that have category dominance, the deepest pockets or the widest distribution […]  

Tier 1 Customer Service Tickets Are Costing You

Billions. That’s what organizations spend annually responding to repeatable customer service queries that could be automated with AI. Companies are taking note. It’s expected that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with […]  

The AI customer service stats you need to know in 2019

Customer service is becoming a critical driver of how a company is perceived, what drives consumer loyalty and determining where they open their wallets.  Companies are equally praised for the exceptional support they provide, while others relentlessly chastised for failing […]  

New eBook: AI for Customer Service: Righting the Ship

The promise of bots made many companies jump in early. AI opened the door for a new type of connection with consumers: 1-on-1 direct conversations, on-demand 24/7, and at scale. This gold-rush led to a plethora of purposeless bots that […]  

AI for Customer Service: Winning Strategies

Forrester’s Ian Jacobs recently joined’s Founder & CEO, Puneet Mehta, as a featured guest in a webinar where they unveiled how world-class companies can create real-world AI in customer service. No more buzz or hype. It’s all actionable strategies that can be used today […]