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Identify pain points in the customer experience and the repeatable customer support queries that can be automated with AI. Determine how to measure a successful AI customer support program and KPIs important to your organization.

AI use cases
Train & Design Conversations

Train & design conversations

Bootstrap your AI with existing data sources like call center logs, historic email and FAQs,  and work with our experts to design interactions that provide friendly and fast resolutions true to your brand.

Build integrations

Fully integrate with complex business systems like CRM, OMS and inventory management to create a single channel experience that resolves issues and closes tickets, not simply responds.

xBuild Integrations


Access real-time actionable insights on cross-channel conversations from a secure control center. Identify new knowledge areas to train and understand the impact AI is having on your customer support.


Combine human and AI intelligence to continuously optimize the AI’s performance based on real interactions. Enable the AI to increase its responsibility over time, handling more interactions by learning how human agents respond.

Optimize’s AI platform for customer service

An end-to-end AI platform that automates high quality resolutions across email, chat and social. 

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