AI that works for your customers and your agents.

AI that gets the job done.

  • Understand what’s said – and what isn’t: Our Deep Learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) ensures your customers are always understood
  • Take the next best action: Manage inquiries quickly and decisively by authorizing the AI to take the next best action – whether that’s resolving an issue directly or looping in a human agent
  • Converse naturally: Our proprietary algorithms for sentiment analysis, intent and tone recognition provides personalized, relevant experiences 

Employ the Human + AI Dream Team.

  • Automate the simple: Your AI will resolve repeatable customer needs, freeing up humans to focus on high-impact issues
  • Escalate to humans: The AI will open a ticket in your existing agent desk software when new, unique or complex issues arise
  • Two-way learning: Your AI will learn how your human agents respond so it can automate more customer needs over time

Offer proactive customer support.

  • Anticipate needs: Through real-time integrations, preemptively act on issues like shipping delays or delayed flights
  • Automate alerts: Notify relevant customers of situations before they contact your call center 
  • Learn what works best: Understand the best time and circumstances to reach out based on real exchanges 

Integrations, made easy.



Be on the channels that matter: Web and in-app chat, email and social

Agent software


Integrate with support channels for human + AI collaboration

Order management


Resolve issues across the customer journey with CRM and OMS integrations

Never stop improving.

  • Skills Explorer: Identify new customer issues and prioritize what the AI needs to learn
  • Ongoing learning: Deep reinforcement learning enables the AI to learn through experience and instruction
  • Support optimization: Understand how the AI is impacting the response time and overall customer satisfaction
  • Propensity recognition: The AI gets better at predicting propensity through customer behavior and feedback

Purpose-built for enterprises.


Hosted on global cloud infrastructure providers to handle high volume and fast response time across an enterprise.
Our system is deployed across multiple data centers in the US and Europe to ensure 99.9% availability.
Multi-tenant deployment with data segregation and data encryption while at rest and in motion.

Let’s talk about how can help you make customer service a competitive advantage.