Cloud-Managed Enterprise AI Architecture

Built to handle billions of interactions.

Full Stack Platform


All three required layers – natural language understanding, response and learning capabilities


Handles high conversation volumes across channels while maintaining fast response times

Cloud infrastructure
Hosted on reliable, well-known, global cloud infrastructure providers  (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform)

Built on a reliable architecture.


All components are load-balanced appropriately and loosely-coupled with failover capabilities

24 x 7 support

Platform is supported 24 x 7 for major priority items

Fully managed platform

Data processing, storage and security, and managing underlying changes in communication channels and integrations

Secure data and deployment.

Data Security


Data is encrypted and stored securely while at rest, and transferred via encrypted channels while in motion

Vulnerability assessment


Frequently scheduled and on-demand vulnerability testing, and continuous intrusion monitoring 

Multi-tenant deployment


AIs are deployed in a multi-tenant setup with data segregation and secure processing that honor local data regulations

Our privacy architecture meets or exceeds popular industry standards such as GDPR.

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