AI that works beautifully with your agents.

The right synergies between human and AI.

  • Human-assisted AI: your AI handles repeatable issues and loops an agent in when it encounters unknown topics
  • AI-assisted humans: human agents leverage AI-powered recommendations to provide faster, more accurate responses
  • Holistic learning: your AI learns from human conversations to handle more scenarios over time

Intelligent human + AI collaboration.

  • Native Live Chat: enables collaborative sessions and seamless handoffs between human and AI agents
  • Highly contextual handoffs: your AI escalates the conversation to human agents and passes along the relevant customer information
  • AI-powered quick replies: increase efficiency of human agents by leveraging AI to recommend responses that can be sent with a click of a button
  • Advanced routing rules: send the right conversations to the right agent by taking into account their areas of expertise and status
  • Centralized learning: your AI easily learns possible topics and scenarios by synthesizing all conversations taking place on one platform
  • Live conversations: human agents have visibility into the customer’s prior conversations so they can proceed with the necessary context

Power the AI + Human dream team on our native Agent Console, or integrate directly within your agent software platform.

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