An intelligent and highly programmable AI.

Understands customer intent better and faster than traditional AI.

  • Deep learning natural language understanding (NLU): models similar dialogues to achieve high accuracy without accounting for every word or phrase
  • Natural conversations: uses proprietary algorithms for sentiment analysis, intent and tone recognition to provide the optimal user experience
  • Multilingual: supports 30+ languages to connect with consumers across the globe

Takes effective resolution actions.

  • Next best action: deep reinforcement learning helps your AI select the most effective action that will resolve your customer’s needs
  • Short and long-term memory: remembers current and past conversations for every customer to provide the most helpful response

  • Contextual conversations: takes into account customer tone and sentiment, situational context and external data to decide on the best action

  • Human agent handoff: hands complex and first-time issues over to a human agent within existing agent desk software, who responds within the same conversation thread
  • Anticipate needs: understands potential issues before your customers reach out enabling your company to proactively engage and support   

Has a high aptitude for learning.

  • Ongoing learning: becomes more effective by experiencing more variations and scenarios, learning the way people do
  • Brand safety controls: learns to handle more sophisticated conversations over time while always staying true to brand guidelines
  • Improves propensity recognition: gets better at predicting propensity through customer behavior and feedback

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