Unlock the ultimate travel experience for your guests

AI is Transforming the Travel Industry

Listen and resolve issues for your customers fast. Let them focus on the real travel, be it an exciting adventure, or a hassle-free trip. 

  • Offer instantaneous, high-quality support at scale
  • Resolve, not just respond, with real-time integrations to relevant business systems
  • Be available where your customers are—social, web chat, email and mobile
  • Support a global customer base with multilingual AI

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Chat with WestJet's Juliet.

WestJet’s AI helps guests across pre-booking, day-of-travel, and post-travel support. 

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Chat with WestJet's Juliet.

msg.ai for Airlines

Take the end-to-end flying experience up a notch 

  •  Facilitate flight search and booking for one-way, round-trip and multi-city trips
  • Enable consumers to request upgrades and access trip itineraries
  • Expedite day-of-travel support, including: flight status and notifications; check-in; ancillary purchases; baggage; in-flight entertainment and more
  • Assist during times of needs like cancellations, delays and rebooking
  • Drive loyalty and advocacy by assisting with mileage points and reward redemption
  • Build upon an existing airline knowledge engine that has thousands of hours of real interactions 

msg.ai for Hotels

Treat every guest like a VIP from booking to the on-property stay 

  • Provide personal recommendations of locations, properties and rooms based on historic preferences and availability, as well as enable end-to-end booking
  • AI-powered concierge services recommend and book area dining and entertainment
  • Drive ancillary revenue via spa service booking and room service
  • Enhance the on-property experience with amenity and event discovery
  • Guests enjoy easy access to all reservation documentation and loyalty program rewards

msg.ai for Cruises

Impact the traveler experience long before the ship sets sail to well beyond the final port

  • Provide support for cruisers before setting sail and help them prepare for their upcoming trip with answers to FAQs
  • Provide personal excursion recommendations and a seamless booking experience
  • Enable guests to explore and navigate around the ship
  • Help travelers discover onboard amenities and book spa, restaurants, events and more  
  • Guests have easy access to reservation information

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